KOCMOC is an international, non-commercial, self-organized online radio station; a free-form initiative of Kocmoc Collective, based in northern Greece, operating with horizontal structures, with no hierarchy within the team.

It is the mission of KOCMOC Freeform Radio to provide diverse and innovative online broadcasting that reflects the interests and concerns of the community; thus, creating broad cultural experiences via a number of specially made works, conceptual mixtapes, conversations, DJ sets, documentaries, visuals and other media. Our vision is self-indulgent and non-commercial forms of music spread around so creativity is enriched.

A self-funded small group of programmers, producers, photographers and graphic designers have made up the KOCMOC team throughout the project's development. They have worked together to support one another while expanding the network and the music community. The station consists of members who perform both DJ shifts and administrative functions.

KOCMOC aspires to transform into a multi-cultural physical environment where people with different backgrounds can come together to share their creative expressions and build a stronger community.